1-2-1 Yoga Therapy

In the comfort of your own home

For an individual yoga therapy session I come to your own home, if it is relevant and appropriate.  The familiar surroundings allow you to relax quickly and easily.  

Each session is unique and relevant to your own personal needs and requirements.  It does not necessarily follow the format of class, and could focus on one particular aspect throughout the whole session.  

Olivia is a skilled and well qualified yoga teacher with a comfortable approach and a thorough knowledge of all yoga styles.  Through an awareness of each of her students' conditions Olivia ensures their needs are met and adapts techniques to meet individual needs.  The steady core of student attending over the many years I have been enjoying Olivia's classes, is a telling testament to her exceptional skills.  I have also personally benefitted from several individual yoga therapy sessions with Olivia.
Eileen Craig